The ComboKooler™ comes in the Tan with the NWTF Logo and is available in two convenient sizes, large and small! The large bag measures a generous 3.5 cubic feet or 105 quarts of storage space (28" x 18 1/4" x 11 1/2") and the small bag has approximately 1.8 cubic feet or 54 quarts of storage space (20 1/4" x 18" x 8 1/2"). The ComboKooler™ comes separately or, as in this option, a Combo Pack with one large and one small bag. The small bag fits conveniently inside the large bag for easy storage. Don't forget to add the optional Game Fresh System™ which includes one bottle of The Game Fresh Spray™ and one pack of KoolerGel®! (Please note that this package may incur higher UPS charges due to size of box).

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  • Item #: TBK7TN NWTF
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